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Share your queries about, or ideas and best practices for, making changes in relation to DH—whether in your own projects, at your institution, or in the field broadly. Examples of How-to exchanges might be:

  • How to move your institution to recognize DH / collaborative digital work as the equivalent of scholarly publication for promotions. Is this also a problem in applying for jobs?
  • How to make use of institutional work-study or “Experiential Learning” funding to develop the infrastructure of a project. Follow-up question: how might one direct such student assistance if one does not personally have the computational skills to specify the programming technology required?
  • How to explain “digital humanities” as a field, and its significance to Humanities scholarship, to colleagues/administrators (still) befuddled by this nomenclature
  • How to rename programs or courses if “digital humanities” has little resonance at your institution
  • How to encourage broader participation (student/faculty/international research) in DH

Share your Ideas and Queries