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Mission Statement

Digital Humanities Net/Works is an online publication forum for the exchange of ideas among DH practitioners on the most significant questions or issues in our field and on ways to rethink technology and online structures in order to make them more responsive to issues of diversity and inclusion. The DH Net/Works combines elements of a journal and a blog: like a journal, it has an editor and advisory board; like a blog, it allows relatively simply entry into the conversation, quick response turn-around, and strong encouragement to include a diversity and range of voices. All “replies” and submissions are moderated. The DH Net/Works takes as its platform and focus both the “net”/internet and the products and agency of our “Works,” pointing toward the activity of our research and digital productivity and toward what we hope may become a growing community of scholars thinking and working collaboratively to make digital systems, structures, and algorithms as open, accessible, and equitable as possible.

Like the lichen in the image above, we are a diverse group of practitioners who aim to nurture resourceful collaborations across differences. The premium in DH Net/Works editorial oversight (Editorial Principles) will be on openness of scholarly exchange, adhering to principles of equity and diversity, and maintaining an atmosphere of respect, leading ideally toward possibilities for collaborative thinking and action. It constitutes a digital experiment in networking, beyond the blog, more flexible than the journal, and oriented toward initiating structures of change.

The DHN/W is affiliated with the UB Digital Scholarship Studio and Network (DSSN).